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Visualize revenue leaks and fix them – in 3 simple steps

Grow Zippy provides you with “Actionables” – various tiny tools that let you create an action to stop the leak.


Select the leak you want to fix from the revenue leaks dashboard.

Revenue leaks funnel

Apply filters you need. For example, cart value slabs, device type and more.

Cart slabs

Select type of campaign you want you want to run. Grow Zippy takes care of the rest.

Select campaign type

With Grow Zippy, it is a cinch to fix your revenue leaks. Once the super-simple integration process is complete, Grow Zippy’s powerful, cloud based infrastructure start crunching your visitor data.

Grow Zippy’s powerful, e-commerce centric analytics take the guesswork out of your analytics workflow by providing you readymade tools to provide you a means to take action in real-time, no matter what complex analysis is to be made.

Breeze through various segmentation options, filtering your visitors to the finest, yet meaningful levels. Once you have the perfect cohort arrived at, create an instant campaign and communicate with your users in realtime via native app notifications, browser notifications, email or SMS.

If some things sell well together, they should sell more.

Grow Zippy automatically identifies products that sell together, letting you create a cross-sell campaign with just a few clicks.

Our poweful analytics can help you uncover complex product selling relatioships.

The above graph section is an example of real world data from Grow Zippy’s cross-selling analytics. Go to a new level of accuracy in cross-selling.

Analytics tells you if something needs fixing. Grow Zippy helps you fix problems.

30 second activation

You can get up and running with Grow Zippy on your e-commerce site in practically no time at all. Just add 3 lines of code.

Leaks detection

In just 24 hours after integration, you can see where you are leaking customers. Plus, we provide the tools to fix them.

Increase conversion

We figure out what is selling together. Using in-page actionables, you can increase conversion by showing cross-sells in a few clicks.

Your users are mobile first. So should your campaigns.

Let's go where your users are

Engage your users on every screen size.

Realize customer lifetime value on every device.

  • Highly targeted communication via Grow Zippy's powerful rule engine is always very relevant to users
  • Grow Zippy customers enjoy 17-18% CTR for mobile, in-context, highly relevant communication
  • Communication method designed to take advantage of even very small screen real estate

Simple pricing. You can start free, too.

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